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We believe that sports create an ideal environment for kids to learn positive values like teamwork, confidence, determination and creativity. These values can provide a solid foundation that benefits kids for the rest of their lives. But to build this foundation, we need to equip their feet right.

Worldie shoes, like a good coach, offer unwavering support irrespective of the sport or the surface, allowing parents like you to be at ease during every sprint, hop, and jump the little ones take.

We believe that taking care of the earth is as important as nurturing the dreams of our little athletes, and so each shoe from Worldie is born out of love and respect for our precious planet. Your kid will not only feel the thrill of movement but also embrace an invaluable lesson.

Our sole is in the right place

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Our club

Brandan Ward


Brandan, a dedicated enthusiast of team sports, recognized his passion at the age of five. Excelling in football, basketball, and track, he gradually honed his skills. Recognizing the importance of proper sports equipment, he emphasizes its role in achieving success. With a background as an Air Force officer, he brings forth qualities of leadership, communication, and strategic planning.


Currently, Brandan imparts these valuable insights to his two daughters, as they embark on their own journeys in the world of sports and education.

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Aaron Faison



Aaron discovered his love for sports when he was just 5. A natural athlete, Aaron started playing various sports competitively from a young age and continued all the way through college. He loved that sports allowed him to push himself, improve every day, be part of a team, and work towards a common goal. Always a fierce competitor, Aaron loves to win and hates to lose.

Sports still play a large part in Aaron's active lifestyle. Aaron's favorites haven't changed since he was a kid – you can still find him playing soccer and hockey in his free time. 

Aaron brings the same drive that helped him excel in athletics to Worldie. He is focused on building a company that better caters to the needs of young athletes and their parents. Worldie combines Aaron's lifelong love of shoes, passion for sports and goal to make the retail industry more sustainable. 

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Hank Hardigan

The Design Maestro

Hank is an expert in all things design, innovation, and sustainability.

Hank has nearly 30 years of footwear design experience. Just 2 years into his career he designed the Reebok Spark, which held the title of world’s lightest cycling shoe for 4 years. During his 15+ year stint at Reebok, he also spearheaded the design of the extremely successful Reebok Zigtech and Adidas Springblade technologies.


Hank holds a patent for a modularly designed running shoe that uses a zero-glue lacing system to securely fasten the sole of the shoe to the upper. The shoe requires less energy to produce, takes up less space when being shipped, and is easier to recycle.


An avid mountain biker, Hank is passionate about sports and protecting the environment.

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