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Helping young athletes get off on the right foot

Worldie sets kids up for a lifetime of fun and positivity…by starting from the ground up.

We know you care about what you put on your kid's feet, so we’ve crafted our shoes with great care. Worldie shoes are versatile, durable, comfortable, and supportive enough to perform across multiple surfaces and sports to promote your kid’s natural sense of curiosity.

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We’ve done the research for you

The team at Worldie is working with industry experts to design the ultimate kids’ athletic shoe. We’ve talked to parents just like you to ensure we meet your high expectations. 

The shoes are almost ready and we’re excited to see them on your kid’s feet soon.

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A true game-changer – the ultimate kids’ athletic shoe!

We know your kid likes exploring different sports and activities. As parents, we understand the importance of providing our children with the best tools to excel, and this shoe delivers on every level. Our world-class design team, which has decades of experience at leading companies like Reebok and Adidas, has created an innovative tread pattern that is perfect for a wide range of sports. Say goodbye to the cost and hassle of countless shoes for different sports. Our shoes are built to withstand the rigors of active play, ensuring that you’ll only need one shoe for all activities.

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High performance

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Worldie- the ultimate kids' athletics shoe!

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